Briefing Papers for Barbara Boxer

The following are the papers sent to Senator Boxer expressing our concerns about Richardson's nomination:

Comments Regarding Richardson's Withdrawal from Consideration of Commerce Secretary

We note that Governor Richardson's withdrawal from his nomination as the next Commerce Secretary is due to ongoing grand jury investigation of possible corruption related to political campaign contribution. We feel neither vindication or disappointment over this outcome. It is a development that we have no knowledge of nor would pass judgment.

President-elect Obama publicly acknowledged and thanked Richardson for putting the nation's interest ahead of his own by withdrawing from the nomination. So be it.

We continue to believe that it would in our nation's interest for Governor Richardson to acknowledge the error of his conduct and apologize to Dr. Wen Ho Lee and the Asian community for racial profiling and violation of judicial due process. Thus, if the current investigation absolves Governor Richardson and in the future he is again considered for positions of public service, at least his action that so offended the Asian American community need not be revisited again.

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Opposition to Bill Richardson's Nomination to Commerce Secretary

For all press inquiries, send an email to We understand that many of you have press deadlines and will respond as quickly as possible to respond to your request.

Click here for the PDF English version of the letter (annotated w/ footnotes).
Click here for a PDF Chinese version of the letter (annotated w/ footnotes).

To President Elect Obama and the Obama-Biden Transition Team,

As concerned citizens, we write to express our opposition to the appointment of Bill Richardson as the Secretary of Commerce. Our objection relates to Richardson’s actions as Energy Secretary in violating Dr. Wen Ho Lee’s due process rights by prematurely terminating Dr. Lee’s employment, advancing the indictment of Dr. Lee when there was no evidence that he had engaged in espionage, and fueling suspicion about the loyalties of dedicated, hard-working Chinese-Americans. Richardson’s actions raise serious questions about his judgment and sense of fairness, requisite qualifications of a presidential Cabinet nominee. Until Richardson concedes and apologizes for his actions, we will continue to object to his nomination.

Please note that our opposition to a Richardson appointment as the Secretary of Commerce or any high-level Cabinet position should not be construed in any way as opposition to Hispanic or other ethnic minority nominees. In fact, we applaud the nomination of qualified individuals of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds to serve in President-Elect Obama’s administration.

Here are some of the reasons for which we base our opposition:

1. Richardson has yet to acknowledge that he violated Dr. Wen Ho Lee’s due process rights. According to University of California (UC) employment regulations, all Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) employees must first receive written notice of any intention to terminate and be given 8 calendar days to respond. In publicly announcing that Dr. Wen Ho Lee had been fired in the New York Times1, Richardson not only violated UC regulations but denied Dr. Lee’s right to due process.

2. Richardson fails to acknowledge his role in exacerbating suspicion towards Chinese-Americans as disloyal citizens of the U.S. The firing of Dr. Lee occurred at the heels of a 5-month Congressional committee investigation seeking to determine whether China stole American military secrets through espionage. Two days after a March 6, 1999 New York Times article detailing possible theft of nuclear warhead information at the national weapons labs2, Richardson publicly terminated Dr. Lee and allowed the scientist’s name to be linked to the ongoing espionage investigation at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. In doing so, Richardson helped cast continuing doubt on the loyalty and reputation of tens of thousands of Chinese and Asian American scientists and engineers working in public and private research facilities across the nation3.

3. Richardson has not acknowledged his culpability in participating in the decision to indict Dr. Wen Ho Lee. The New York Times reported that a critical meeting, attended by Energy Secretary Richardson, FBI Director Louis Freeh, Attorney General Janet Reno, and National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, occurred to determine the indictment of Dr. Lee4. In allowing political considerations to factor into the decision to indict, the true merits of prosecuting this case appear to have been lost. In many other reported cases of security violations, administrative action rather than prosecution was pursued.5

4. Richardson has not acknowledged that his actions at the time reinforced the notion that the ethnic profiling of Asian Americans is an acceptable practice. Robert Vrooman, the former head of Los Alamos National Laboratory counterintelligence, gave a sworn declaration that stated “racial profiling was a crucial component in the FBI's identifying Dr. Lee as a suspect."6 In addition, Charles Washington, former Acting Director of Counterintelligence at the U.S. Department of Energy, filed an affidavit stating that “if Dr. Lee had not been initially targeted based on his race (Taiwanese-Chinese), with the resulting wide press disclosures that he had purportedly [words deleted] and the politicizing of the situation, he may very well have been treated administratively like others who had allegedly mishandled classified information.”7

5. Despite the presiding judge’s rebuke, Richardson continues to stand by his decisions. We find Richardson’s defense of his actions in protecting the nation’s security extremely disingenuous8, especially in the context of the unjust treatment of Dr. Lee, who had to endure 278 days of pre-trial detention in solitary confinement, and the presiding judge’s stern rebuke of the Energy Department. In his statement releasing Dr. Lee from jail, Judge James A. Parker aimed directly at those responsible: “It is only the top decision makers in the Executive Branch, especially the Department of Justice and the Department of Energy…who have caused embarrassment by the way this case began and was handled….they did not embarrass me alone. They have embarrassed our entire nation and each of us who is a citizen of it.”

Incredibly to date, Bill Richardson has yet to concede any wrongdoing and apologize to Wen Ho Lee and Chinese Americans whose rights, loyalty, and integrity were seriously damaged by his decisions and actions as Energy Secretary. He should admit his rush to judgment in attempting to identify Dr. Lee as the possible espionage suspect, as well as provocatively heightening suspicions about the loyalty of Chinese-Americans during a period of intense congressional and media scrutiny. Until Richardson issues an apology about his role in this case, we believe his confirmation to Cabinet Secretary should be opposed by all Americans who believe that government officials should be persons of excellent character, competence, and sound judgment beyond reproach.

(In opposing Bill Richardson’s appointment to become the next Commerce Secretary, we are acting independently of Dr. Wen Ho Lee’s family or his legal counsel. The Lee family has made it clear that they wish to return to their private lives, but the people involved in this effort believe that the injustice dealt to the Lee family demands a vocal response to Bill Richardson’s appointment.)

Henry Der
Roger Hu
Cecilia Chang
Guy M Wong
Ivy Lee
Monica Chen
Norman Matloff
Peter Chan
Bill Sullivan, Retired DOE weapons lab engineer
Chris Hoeber
John Ludgey
Jian Yao
John Hurst
Charles Pine
Danny Wong
Yeong-Cherng Liau
Maria Sun
Lelanda Lee
Jinjiang Xiao
Jeh Yung
RIchard Lam
Eric Mar, SF Bd of Supervisors
Kent Guo
Phillip M. Gin
L. Ling-chi Wang
Tim Trevan
Nancy Hsu
P Cahill
Jon Lee
Betty Tsai
james wu
Mary-Claire King
Ali R. Kashani
Emil Chang, attorney
Clarence Hu
Dina Shek, attorney
Scott Sugiura, nonprofit
Norman Nie, Lightworker
Albert Wang, Physician
Dolores J. Sterling, homemaker
TC Lau, Software Manager
John Tsai, coding specialis
eugene yoon, IT
Drew McKnight, CEO
Luzviminda Kendrick, Psychotherapist
hao chen, research
Johnson Chang, Trade
Jenny Lee Ortiz, Teacher
David v alcid, physician
David Miera, Industrial Maint
Virgil Yu, Engineer
James W. Michaelson, Assoc. Publisher
Douglas Dickenson, student
Helen Oh, Social Worker
Steven Gao, Engineer
Valerie Egar, Attorney
John Monten, maintenance
Teh Choo-Siang, Financial Agent
Adam Ding, Professor
Mark Thomason, attorney
Kevin Brandon Jemison, Teacher
Cathy Tanaka Adam, Retired
Wei Li, Computer Enginee
Chi-San Loh, Engineer
Juan Rodriguez, janitor
Hector Siguenza, garbage man
Bill Cheng, Retired
William Barry, retired
Eric Huang, IT
Phillip Louie, student
Roger Bassett, Locksmith
Gloria Yu, Exec Asst
Gwendolyn Mink, professor/writer
Clifford Donley, Retired
Richard Dylan Owen, Business owner
Thao-Vi Thi Dotter, adjunct
Richard Lu, Engineer
John Jacobs, Retired teacher
LeAnne Brenda Wei Varenkamp, business owner
Victoria Afonina, Programmer
Zhenwei Chu, engineer
David He, Sr. Engineer
Cynthia Hoong, banker
Roger H. Chu, Patent Agent
Mei-Hsia Tan, Citizen
Rakhi Singh, physician
Mark Nockleby, software enginee
Harrison Lin, Physician
Danny Lai, Product Manager
Jackie To, Finance
Minh-Hoa Ta, Education
Al Yee, ret. professor
Mong Hu, Administration
Brenda Huang, Public Relations
Albert H. Yee, Psychology prof.
James Yu Lee, Student
Hartley Ochavillo, Student
Benwade Lee, Manager
Kevin Albano, student
Hong Lau, Retiree
Patricia Jacobs, retired teacher
Tom Hangler, Manager
Angelica K. Jongco, Attorney
Ali Chavoshian, Psychologist
Michael Riley, Market Research
Phuong Nguyen, student
Ching-An Cheng, business
Hugo Alfonso, Student
Lisa Lin, BI Consultant
alvin sun, engineer
Duy Nguyen, Student
Melissa Larson, non profit
William Nelson, Musician
Randall H Gaylor, Librarian
Heather Kennedy, writer
Duc Minh Ta, Actuary
Joseph Caruso, clerk
Roberto Ocampo, Programmer
Ashu Rao, engineer
Edward Liu, Esq., Attorney
Fei Wu, Ph.D., Engineer
frances lee, retired
Franklin Linn Mah, Retired
Justin T. Wang, education
Weihua Xu, Engineer
jane m. rahn, retired nurse
Anh minh Ta, Accounting Tech
Chung-Wei Chan, Student
Joe Klesert, Systems Analyst
Albert Yu, Sales Manager
Gautam Srivastava, self-employed
James F Orwig, counselor
Feng-li "Jim" Yang, Sr. City Chemist
Jennifer G. Chen, Consultant
Steven A. Mesa, accountant
Nina Ng, Lash Group
mark tran, Loan Officer
Tim Brummer, Engineer
Marcia Sherwin, realtor
Janet Yang, Film Producer
Kin Ping Chang, Business Manager
Barbara Ellman, writer
Charles Horgan, Graphic Designer
Chris Chen, CEO
Dan Keeling, retired
Julia Curry, professor
Sheri Ann Forbes, Attorney
Mary Ann Kubota, Education
Yuko Yano, physician
Scott Layfer, Television
Lilyn Chang, Marketing
Kunlin Wei, research fellow
Michael Noronha, Physician
Thomas Jew, Retired
Jhordann Rust, UW Foundation
Liming Zhou, Engineer
John Smith, IT Engineer
Audrie Lin, Student
Frank Guo, Marketing Manage
Landson Qu, RMA Supervisor
Miling Yan, student
Jeff Cheng, Consultant
Barbara Wood, Chemist
Frank Cao, Programmer
Grace Toy, Poet and Writer
Teri Hu, teacher
Juhwan Yoo, student
Richard S. Matesic, Attorney
Nelson Wong, Consultant
Monica Chou, Software Enginer
Robert Vrooman, intelligence
Nancy Chan, Clerk
Wes Kim, Writer
Lou Kipnis, Retired
Tammy Hsu, Admn Manager
Roger Leblanc, retired
Julia Ma, Engineer
Amy Tomcavage, Paralegal
Jim Holstun, professor
Lie-Quan Lee, Scientist
Phyllis Metcalfe, political writer
Naomi Harrison, retired
Kin-Tai Chang, Research Chemist
Chung Chen, SoftwareEngineer
Nicholas Levis, New York City, Writer
Wen Chen, accountant
frank yang, activist
Xiaohu Chen, Engineer
Guinan Lin, Business Mgr
Liang Fang, Engineer
tim connolly, entheogenography
Joanna Chang, Executive
James Yin, Engineer
Jing Wu, engineer
Jie zheng, engineer
Kenneth Libby, teacher
Jun Qiang Li, Engineer
guowei zhang, engineer
Keith Keenan, Investor
Samuel Sheng, Pharmacist
Melissa Chang, Student
zijian li, Engineer
William Chen, retired engineer
James M. Hornback Jr., Sr QA Analyst
Yuan Mi, Research Chemist
Michael Chan, Admin Asst.
Tony A. Pham, medical scientis
M. Patricia George, Physician
Yingchun He, Engineer
Robin Gaura, teacher
Shun Au-Young, teacher
Mike Horgan, Programmer
Yan SHEN, Engineer
Christopher Lien, retired chemist
Tai Eing Yang, Sales
gerrie chui, sales
Jing Lin, Businessman
Wendy Chan, housewife
Henry Chan, engineer
Nandini Basu, HR Director
Louise Chang, housewife
Sally Liao, warehouse clerk
Alex Yim, Operations Mgr
Frank Yee, teacher
gary chan, other
Jesse Chan, student
David Chan, student
Richard Kok, bank officer
Robert Hori, arts admin
Choong, Michael, Technician
Mark Fung, Attorney
Timothy K. Cheung, Production manag
Mark Wallem, attorney
Emily Chang, Engineer
Widon Lin MD, Physician
Zhonghua Pei, scientist
waifong.yeung, housewife
Gloria F. Tai, Non-profit
Minghua Sun, scientist
Huang Wen, Engineer
Bonnie I-Keh Wang, Engineer
Alan N Yang, interpreter
tyrone lee, investor
Bryan Chan, RN
Douglas A. Mar, retired
James Gregory Arnold, teacher
jackson leung, marketing
Jay Yuan, Computer Program
Nancy L. Singham, Administrator
Michael Chen, IT
Kevin Foster, student
Hongwu Wang, Computer Program
Ling Xue, scientist
Mark Ruehl, Ph.D., Psychologist
Donald Marsh, Accountant
Silvia Kwok, Sr. Ops. Mgr
Bernardo Issel, Activist
Simon Yiu Siu, Network Admin
Charles Chou, Business
Teddy Wu, Finance Director
Melody Lavers, Retired & Poor
Peter Rubin, retired
Benjamin Cohen, Student
julia ng, office associate
Yuhua Tong, chemist
KamFung Yan, Engineer
Yoshie Furuhashi, Editor
Yuk Lun Ng, Tax Payer
Dale Minami, Attorney
Britt-Marie Steenberg, Consultant
Chunpei Chang, computer support
Jason Cho, Ratail sales
kevin carmody, IT Manager
Wilson Liu, Business Owner
Shiao Yun Tammy Lee, social worker
Liho Li, Auditor
George Shen, citizen&taxpayer
Mike Sha, staff member
Jen Chen, Engineer
Daniel Ong, Engineer
WeiPing Ding, Program Director
Yong FU, Postdoc
Joanne Pating, Irate Citizen
Enyang Guo, teacher
Surina Jan, Banker
Kevin Cheung, Student
Hsu-Hui Hsing, Retired
Louise Ko, Banking
Peter Wu, Director
Amy Haihua Gu, Attorney
Ralph Zhu, Homemaker
Mary Miyashiro, Exe. Asst.
Alan McConnell, Mathematician
TERESA CHIEN, Administrative
Kiyoto Nishimoto, Retired
Yi Peng, Engineer
Keiji Maeda, Student
Sue Quon, Retired
Tina Chang, Consultant
Chingchuan Li, small business
Yuet Mei Lam, retired
Chih-shun Lu, Consultant
Wing K Lok, Engineer
Le Duong, Student
Jan C Wong, Accounting
antonia johnson, accountant
chloe cheung, accountant
robert lee, business owner
Huy Nguyen, IT Analyst
brian lee, student
Michael Zhou, Business Owner
shaufen Hwang, teacher
Vincent Zhang, Scientist
Dong-Ying Yu-Michaelson, Acupuncturist
Hilton Jones, professor
david cheung, doctor
Chao Xie, graduate student
david cheung, doctor
Paul Wang, Trade
alexander wang, student
charles, student
Cynthia Chou, retired
Hans Huang, student
zhihao liang, business analyst
Xianzhi AO, law student
Angela Pan, Consultant
Christopher Chow, Entrepreneur
Van Duong, Student
Felix Hung, Engineer
Leslie Chang, Life Scientist
Bob Zhu, Manager
Florence Tung, Real Estate
Mary Ann Chou, Student
henry mui, pastor
ANNA AN, Accounting
Richard Preto-Rodas, retired
Jian Jin, engineer
Brian Loke, Account Manager
Benjamin Hu, Bank officer
Jun Cao, researcher
Ray Zhong, Business Owner
Jennifer J. Chang, Educator
Dean R Carter, trucking
Jesse Song, Financial Analys
Nancy Warfield, student
Stephen S. Chan, CFO
shawn Wong, res scientist
Daniel TaoTao Yan, Business Manager
johnny sha, graphic designer
shan xin, student
F Chang, senior scientist
Felix Chang, student
Wing Chau, Engineer
Ryan Li, IT
Le Tsang, Student
Hau Kit Au, Info. Sys supvsr
Tao Huang, student
XinQun Liu, teacher
Phyllis Hedges, Retired
Phung The Au, student
ZF Zhan, Engineer
Christopher Chan, graduate student
Adam Li, Attorney
Hong Lu, Technologist
Irene Chu, Homemaker
Peter Wu, Engineer
Bei Hang, attorney
Tracy Hou, Business
Hongxin Wang, UC Davis
Clarene Kalina Wong, Retired
Ting Ning, Engineer
Sim Ling Lam, housewife
VICTOR CHAO, Contract Servce
Danny Yiu, Vice President
May Chong, Financial Adviso
betty Yuan, sales
Chris S. Wang, Retired
Chun Han, Scientist
Philip T. Choong, Engineer
Cixian Zhong, Engineer
phil Choong, Engineer
matthew, engineer
Phil Tsi-Shien Choong, Engineer
Peter Ni, retired
Michael Chung, Engineer
Thomas Tong, Engineer
June Shau, Software Enginee
Charles Sie, retired
Wenfei Zhou, student
C. C. Wang, Professor
Cathy C. Chao, Realtor
C. C. Wang, Professor
Lois D Huang, VP Administratio
Amy Nguyen, student
John Huang, Engineer
Shu Chan, Physician
Ching Lee, Homemaker
Michael Hou, engineer
Chi Yao, engineer
Andy Lin, SoftwareEngineer
Viet Nguyen, Student
Arlene Ngauv, Student
Victoria Chan, Student
Victor Chiu, retired
Sung-Cheng Huang, college professo
John Furedy, Emeritus Professor of Psychology
Michael Wu, Business Manager
marie wang, teacher
George Wang, Consultant
Peter S. Lui, General Manager
Evangeline Cesar, photographer
Scott Chiang, software engineer
Allen Lin, Small Business Owner
Charles Sindelar, Biophysicist
Jonathan Liu, Manager
Ben Crane, surgeon
jen, risk manager
Jenny Yang, Engineer
Yirong Shen, Investment Management
wayne cheng, engineer
Bruce Chin, Sr. QC Associate
Hank Lin, MIS Director
Frank Shih, Higher Ed. Administrator
Yung H. Huang, Scientist
Lihua Xue, Senior database analyst
Yu Zhou, professor
Su Huang, Software Engineer
Dorothy Chu, Educator
Yee Jack Ng, physicist
Daniel Feiyue Cao, Sales
Zining Fu, DBA
Yvonne Ng, architect
Jack Xi, Network Engineer
Neat Wang, Research scientist
Hanguo Wang, physicist
Andrew Kim, Student, Master of Public Policy
Daniel Jin, Accounting
chauchang su, retired
Kane Wang, Engineer
Selina Wang, Homemaker
Mitziko Sawada, Professor Emerita
Howin Tsang, Student, Masters of I/O Psych
William Wee, Professor
Chales Wu, scientist
Edward, retired physicist-lawyer
Li Chi hsu, Engineer
james chai, engineer
H. Shi, Professor
Margaret Mitsutani, university professor
Hwa-Wei Lee, Retired Federal Employee
R. C. Stupka, scientist
Paul Rong, Engineering
Kehfei Liu, physics professor
Jing Tian, Business Consultant
ana trang thi nguyen, college student
Alfred K. Tse, artist
Tsung Chen, Teaching Assistant
Philip Mak, IT manager
Terry Mulcahy, Manager, Medical Research lab
george hwang, CEO
Sherry Huang, Global Marketing Director
Mei-Ling Wang, International Student Advisor
James Lin, professor
Vincent Liu, Real Estate
Liewei XU, Scientist
Serin Ngai, Attorney
Justine Huang, fashion
Nanyang Li, engineer
Suisheng Zhao, Engineer
Mei Shen, Engineer
Liwu Hong, Attorney
Lillian Galedo, Administrator
Bonnie Hsia Sun, Company President and CEO
Stephen Sun, Student
Jye Hwan Hsia, Office Manager
Virginia L. Ng, Health Care
Susan Hayase, engineer
Sam Gifford, Construction Supervisor
Linsen H. Ngai, artist
Jordan Gifford, student
Yao-chiung Tuan, retired
Chi-chun Hu, retired
Tien-Sze Benedict Yen, Professor
Lan lan Hu, retired
Ching-tang Tuan, retired
joseph and mary hsu, retired professor
Deeyu Cullen, Engineer
Dr. Joseph Hsu, retired
Sherman Ho, equity trader
Ching Ling Chang, Lodging executive
frankie lee, engineer
Karen Leong Fenton, emeritus school board trustee
Myca Tran, Student
Robert Lee, professor
Dr. Michelle Lee, physician
Kenneth Ho, engineer
John Khoo, attorney
mary M. J. Wu, scientist
Sally-Alice and Don Thompson, retired
Wei CHEN, Engineer
Frank Lei Wu, Retired Businessman
Yin Hung Chen, Engineer
Mindy Mingchuen Tseng, Mske-up Artist
Helen Yu, home maker
David Chang, self
Robert Yung Siu, Restaurant Owner
Daniel D. Liou, Student
Patricia Rona WU, Pharmaceutical Sales
Antony King, System Engineer
Larry Zhang, Techonology Management
Mike Hsu, business
Debra Jean Wu, Corporate Controller
Thomas John Wu, Electrical Engineer
Warren Han, Real Estate
Joe L Chan PhD MD, Physician
GT, Office Manager
Stephen Wang, Business Owner
Jay Tseng, Engineer
Frank Ho, Financial Advisor
James Ming Hwang, Software Engineer
Ren You, engineer
ming Fang, IT
betty white, engineer
George Yuan, Software Professional
Catherine J Liu, Realtor
Lily Lee Hou, N/A
zhao bai, engineer
hongkun zhang, engineer
michelle zhzng, student
chelsea zhang, student
Nini Jiang, Business Consultant
allen ho, business
Jerry Chang, engineer
Gary Huang, self employed
Jenny Song, housekeeper
Raymond Li, Technology
XIAOYONG ZHENG, business owner
Jon Mo, Scientist
Mouguang M. Wang, Software Engineer
Mai Vang, college student
Yuan-Pin Yu, Engineer
Jackie Lei, Student
Allen Yu, Finance
Mei Lu, Technology
Jianli Liu, Food Industry
Xingxin Liu, Student
Jesse Huang, Engineer
Ruby Cai, Scientist
David La-Len, Systems Manager
Jerry Liu, Engineer
Ben Pu, Engineer
Robert Shen, Non-profit organization
Wen Jin, Engineer
Min Chang, retired
Rachel He, Higher Education
Jiaqi Wu, AIA, architect
Sharon Li, RE. agent
Duane Kubo, educator
Alice K Chang, Software Engineer
XUYANG JIANG, Software Engineer
Hsi-Hsien Chiang, Sr. SW Engineer
David Tsai, Attorney
Mychau Nguyen, Student
Sherry Shiau, Engineer
An Liu, Clinical professor
Robert Y. W. Ip, retired
Long Ching, Engineering
Kate Tu, Banker
Vincent Chang, Engineer
Kwan Y. Jung, painter/artist
Frank Wu, Business Dev.
Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga, Retired
ahn ta, accountant
Lorie S. Brillinger, CNM, certified Nurse-Midwife
Dai, Ming Kang, reporter
James D Wu, Grain Merchant
sara e. greene, retired
Bruce Wang, Engineer
Min He, Engineer
Paul Hsueh, engineer
Hawi Hsueh, retired
Chuan Zhang, Manager
Roselinda Pheng, student
Ming Chak Jason Ko, Engineer
Jonas Vernon Ng, Business Executive
Adam Liu, Engineer
Mandy Lam, Engineer
lilian baker, Finance
Janice Yen, concerned citizen
Mon Yee, professor
Cathryn Dhanatya, Researcher
Theresa Vu, Engineer
vincent duong, bookeeper
Eugene S. Wadas, Retired
Shirley Wang, Web Developer
Patricia J. Din, Program Specialist
David Lai, Software
Bing-Rui Ni, Business Owner
Rose Glickman, writer
Andrew essler, Physicist
Heng Lin, Engineer
Ida Choy, Radio Broadcaster
Louis Kwan, Pharmacist
Chokkau Binky Lee, Scientist
Dameun Maurice Strange, Composer
xiaoqing chang, CS engineer
Stan Liou, Retired
Ricardo Levins Morales, artist
Weber Lau, handyman
Hong Lu, Engineer
Xin Jiang, Engineer
Linda Luu, Student Activist
Yaguang Xu, software engineer
Elaine Yu-Lee Han, Volunteer
Vivian Wang, software engineer
marcie rendon, artist/community activist
Leon Kao, self-empolyee
Marie C. Kao, accounting
Erika Kao, Teacher
wei wann, teacher
David Fung, business development
Regina Lee, Finance
Glem Fu, Software Engineer
Gai-Bing Chen, engineer
Shu Wong, Account Clerk
Ching Chen, Engineer
Amie Kim, Non-profit
Wah Tat Wong, Sheet Metal Worker
Kauo Hsiang Hsieh, Engineer
debbie cheng, retired
Peter Y. Cheng, retired
Wen Hsu, Retired
Rebecca Tong, marketing
Vincent Pan, Executive Director, Chinese for Affirmative Action
Wai-Wah Cheah, Sr. Project Manager
Nancy R. Zhang, Assistant Professor
Wu Frank, researcher
Ken S. Lee, Retirement
sharon shian Tom, realtor
James Chi-leong Tom, Jeweler
Tony Yang, engineer
Kirby Ku, Business Owner
Jane Wan, retired
Justin Probert, nonprofit management
Anne MacLachlan, Researcher
Lee Huang, computer programer
kala asher, retired
Yujen Juang, Finance
Norman Tang, IT Administrator
lily shu, education
Qi Jiang, artist
Liang Wang, scientist
David ng, HR
David Yang, Engineer
Shih-cheng Hsueh, Engineer
Bob Hedges, retired
Srividhya Shanker, Student/ Nonprofit
David Fan, Project Manager
tinh tao fong, technician
Christina Chen, Student, Chair of NAASCon
Jun Ma, Engineer
Changqing Zhen, Engineer
Albert Lee, loan officer
Mary Lee, Publishing
Fred Lee, Designer
Eugene Shih, Graduate Student
Max Pan, engineer
S Ouyang, Scientist
Benjamin T.Chung, Professor
Jiun Young, teacher
Ermena Vinluan, Filmmaker
Alvin Tsang, Editor
Long H. Leu, student
Sandy Leaver, IT Project Manager
Emily Le, Student Affairs Officer
Donna Conroy, Director,
Dennis Tsai, student
An Truong, Technician
Endora Hsia, School Psychologist
Yongming Tang, Research Scientist
Jung-Suk Kim, Student
ben wang, teacher
Jin Zhang, engineer
taeyung kim, ESL teacher
George King, retired
hwan il kim, Pre-Press Operator
Joyce Z. Chen, freelance translator
Jun Zhao, IT specialist
Caroline Huang, retired LAUSD teacher
Francis Yong, Civil Engineer
Yeu-chuan Hsia, Engineer
Toby Leung, engineer
Alex Chang, Engineer
Karen Lee, actress
Wayne Lee, Business
Eugene S. Fong, retired
Jeff Deng, Sr. Software Engineer
Jim C. Liang, QRE Director
hongwei zhang, network engineer
Vincent Fu, Professor
Siu Lin Santee, Software Engineer
Irene A. Chow, Chairman of the Board
Hung Chow, Retired
Jingan Liu, AIA, Architect
Geline Avila, grad student
Dale Borgeson, hospital administrator
Pat Santee, ESL Teacher
Aili Sun, Engineer
Zhonghui Tu, Engineer
Fenghong Zhang, Engineer
Ming Li, Engineer
Lingxia Wang, Engineer
Xiaolu Hu, HR
Shawn Yang, Engineer
Joy Zhao, Engineer
Stephen & Kelly Park, Actors
Li Li, Engineer
Hong Xu, Engineer
Jialing Zheng, Engineer
Cindy Wang, Engineer
Connie Cui, Engineer
Jasmine Cheng, Engineer
Chiahuei Chen, Engineer
Josephine Wan, Tax Preparer
Wendy Ying, Engineer
Hong Zeng, Engineer
Lin Huang, Engineer
Eugene Yu, Engineer
Shine Zhao, Engineer
Jianhua Su, Home Maker
Weiguang Dang, Musician
Xuema Li, Engineer
Lan Terry Xu, student
Yixiao Luo, Professor
Cherry Liu, Engineer
Jane Han, Engineer
Jeff Wen, student
Florence Fang, Business owner
Caroline Hugh, Student
Kevin Cheng, Student
Anthony Lim, student
Gladstone Liang, Entrepreneur
Helen Y. Lee, Educator
Qiyue Zou, Engineer
Michael Sun, Appication Anylist
Shu-Hua Tu, House wife
Yung-Chi Chu, Engineer
FRANK F TIAN ESQ., consultant
John Kuo Wei Tchen, historian/professor
Chung Y Yang, Accountant
kinpei chang, project manager
Michael Cheng, Accountant
KMM Chen, Writer
Edmund Zhou, Lawyer
Gary Eschman, Retired
Jiang Li, Professor
Qingqi Chen, Scientist
Hong Yan, Professor
Paul C. Yang, Professor
Ronald Kim, Art and Antique Restorer
Daniel Zheng, engineer
Ray Zhen, R&D
epic cheng, manager
Jack Ong, Actor-Writer-Activist
Lester J.N. Mau, Actor
haiyan, Engineer
Mo-Hwa Wang, Engineer
Jia Liu, analyst
Dr. Percy Chen, Earth Scientist
Dr. Immer Hsin, programmer
Feng Ding, Research Assistant Professor
Kwee-Ngan Thio, Management
John Su, engineer
John Su, engineer
Gary Ding, Engineering Manager
Yueh-Show Yen, CFO
Peimin Shao, Scientist
Charles W. Liu, Business owner
Marvin Ji, Engineer
Wendy Du, INformation Analyst
jeff zhang, engineer
suzan yee, attorney
David Y Hu, Certified Public Accountant
Christina Chiang, Retired
Suisheng Zhao, Engineer
Steve Sun, Engineer
Jile Lau, Engineer
Bin Yu, PM
Qi G. Liu, Engineer and Business Owner
Gail Zhang, Localization Expert
Mitchel Wu, Asian American Studies Professor
Dr. Jorge Emmanuel, Engineer/scientist
Yichieh Lu, News writer
Michelle Lee, student, advocate
jun zhai, statistician
Terence Chen, Law Enforcement
Ying-Ying Chang, Retired Biochemist
Xiaohui He, Administrative specialist
Stacie Cheng, management consultant
David Chung, Chemist-Retired
Kevin Lee, Engineer
wen-hsuan chang, retired
zhikun Liu, scientist
edward lam, banker
Qiusheng Xu, IT Professional
Cedrick Shimo, retired (vp Honda)
David Chan, Actuary
Eric Eng, Student
Rima Turner, student
Jeff Song, Sr. Engineer
Ernesto L. Sequeira, Retired
Dave Xu, engineer
Cheryl Jursa, Phone Representative
Nancy Lan Siu, Sale Rep.
Lauren Tsuji, Student
Patrick L. Benitez, Student
shirley su, financial advisor
Allen Fung, Program Assistant
Donald Teruo Hata, Emeritus Professor of History
C Tamitania, clinical social worker
Simon Lee, Controller
I-Ping P. Fu, College Professor
David Yu, Scientist
Angela Wang, Housemaker
Susan Woo, retired
Anna Zhou, selfemploy
Wei Li-Chen, Educator
Kozuye Kay Ochi, Teacher
Cecilia Wang, Retired Librarian
Joseph Yee, Retired
Guang Ze Zhu, Retire
keith lee, Architect
Zuping Qin, Software engineer
Gaomin Deng, Student
Francis Jue, Actor
Darin Zhou, s/w engr
Martha Hsueh, registered nurse
Plato Wang, VP, Real Estate Development
Lun Tsuei, Sr. Engineering Manager
Zhou Yu, Professor
Kimberly Soon Therres, Teacher
Takeshi Nakayama, retured journalist
Clara Ng-Quinn, Student
Grace Y. Chen, Librarian
Claire Chung, Geneticist
Malina Tran, Student
darkbao, Manager
Tina Wang, Analyst
Lucas Truong, Student
Hai Dang, Teacher
Sunny Noah, Student
Nancy Wu, Dancer
Yueh-Ying Lee, Management
Qing He, Engineer
Yng Hong, Engineer
Rose-Marie Twu, community
Jiaxu Li, Professor
Cheung Chi Shiu, Small Business Owner
Lilly Sun, Daycare provider
Betty Du, Engineer
hsiaoyun Liu, homemaker
Yutao Ma, engineer
Hairol Ma, student
Hannah Yang, Software engineer
Keri Qian, none
paul huang, engineer
Barbara L. Hing, Educator / Teacher
Paulina Ho, student
bo guo, engineer
Brian Cooper, disabled
Lin Wu, Architect
Yun Cao, Engineer
Geoffrey Jue, Director
Jean Chen, Consultant
Dr. Shiuh-Wuu Lee, R&D Engineering
Lucy Vo, student
etsuko b. yoshioka, small business owner
Yosh Kuromiya, retired
Irene Y. Kuromiya, retired
Tang Peng, Scientist
isabel Huie, retired
bailin ma, retiree
Nancy Le, Teacher
Simon Kwok-Tim Siu, Business owner
YZ Hu, Engineer
Yungluy Hing, President
Chung yi Yuan, retired
Lucy Chu, retiree
Kai Wei, Software Engineer
Xia Liu, engineer
Katherine Westerhout, Attorney, retired
Wai M Don, Insurance Agent
Richard_Sye, Software Engineer
Diane Engdahl, Architectural Designer
James L Chung, Retiree
Qingkai Kong, Professor
Sham-e-Ali al-Jamil, Development Director
Dwight V Moore, farmer
Estella habal, educator
Victor Hugo Martinez, Station Agent
John Ye, Professor
Nancy Tran, IT Spec
Timothy Tran, Engineer
Andrew Zheng, Engineer
Wayne Xiao, Manager
Greg M. Bell, business manager
Benjamin Hua, Scientist
Meinan Chen, Engineer
Gini Tsai, housemaker
Jia, Professor
Thomas Clifton Cole, Venture capitalist
tan quon-chin, hi tech
Ta-liang, Professor
Rayne Liu, Manager
Hsin-Fu Wang, engineer
Lai Chen, Engineer
Ines Ho, Engineer
Diana Ngo-Vuong, Educator
George Lou, Videographer
Bruce Yamashita, Attorney
howard ting, management consultant
Xin Wang, Librarian
William Chen, Engineer
Gene Chin, Engineer
Eric Zhang, scientist
William P. Stenwick, Retired
Weidong Xia, Manager
Cheryl Jiang, Software Engineer
cindy zhang, accountant
Julie Wei, Scientist
Su Su, engineer
cejun wei, leading scientist
Yue Ying Zhao, engineer
Hank Wei, IT Comany Senior Manager
Xiong Wei, Senior Technichian
Huaqin Pan, Research Analyst
Xiaoyu Yang, Restaurant Manager
Lora L. Fong, Attorney
Ibuki H. Lee, retired
Derrick M. Chan, dentist
Angelyn Zhou, software developer
Mary Lee, researcher
Patricia T Kelly, Medical Geneticist
Jianbing Zhang, Scientist
Adrian Hubert Tung, Claims fraud investigator
Rene Antrop-Gonzalez, Teacher
sid gershgoren, teacher
Yiqin Zhang, lawyer
Qi Wang, Engineering
Louis Perotti, manager
Winston Chen, Sales
Sherry M.L. Wu, accountant
Jing-Yuan Lee, Financial Representative
Hui Zhang, Information Analyst
Dan Lee, scientist
Sara Liu, Student
Elizabeth Chen, Engineer
Charlotte Laughon, Union Activist
Arthur Grantz, Retired Geologist
Yuan Yao, Engineer
Fu -Band Dain, High Tech
Kia Ling NGAI, Scientist
Julia C. Ku, software dev engr
Jin Hen Kim, Journalist
San-Yee Cindy Choi, Financial Administration Assista
Jun Li, attorney
hans wang, marketing
Yun Ji, scientist
Feng Yang, Engineer
Yunyue Yu, Scientist
nancy auker, retired teacher
Xiwu Zhan, scientist
Julie Chang, Hospital Lab Technician
Ivy Kuo, retired
Songting Chen, Scientist
Scott Bao, Engineer
Luis Sy, Finance
bangshu cao, engineer
Shaohui Zou, Self-
Hardie Lin, ITTSA
Sue Kwong, Register Nurse
Jack Sun, self
susan tripp, retired
John Yang, Senior Engineering Manager
Gina Sun, housewife
William Carey, Professor
Jinky Gardner, archaeologist
George Koo, retired consultant
King Chen, student
Walter Chao, Software Engineer
Gary Huang, Graduate Student
Dr. Tai-Ran Hsu, Professor of Mechanical Engineer
Amy Mo, Retired
xuan xiong, Student
Ching-Chuan Yeh, computer scientist
Yibing Huang, Professor
L. Chung, housewife
guanqing feng, it
Shao Dan, Freelancer
Ping Wu, Engineer
Susan McCarthy, Writer
Robert Rinella, Retired
Irene Li, Student
Thomas Whiting, Director/Teacher
Zhiyong Wang, Engineer
Walter Zheng, Engineer
Elaine Huang, Engineer
Fran Davidson, educator
Michael Ye, Product Manager
Kyle Sun, Grad Student
J Couperus, sales
Timothy Wei, Professor
Anna Wei, Realtor
Calvin C. Chien, Environmental Expert
Ruby Jowe, Retiree
kevin li, researcher
Dinh Hue Diep, Student
Dr. Colin C. Wong, Dentist, Retired
Michael Pham, Student
Qigong Zheng, Engineer
Sam Zhao, Civil Engineer
Vincent Chu, business owner
Preeti Kaur Rajpal, medical student
Dr. Richard Swier, Editor,
Susan Swier, Nurse
Shine C Chung, Engineering
Thuy-My Ong, Student
Peter Li, engineer
Singchou Wu, Professor Emeritus
Ellen C. Wu, CEO, Construction Co.
Bruce She, cataloger
Gary Zhang, Oracle DBA
Jimmy Yung, Assistant broker
alice t. bias, retired teacher
Dang H Do, MD, Physician
Audrey Lee, HM
virginia Khan, registered nurse
Andrew Cheung, bus operator
Faris Jabbar, Teacher
Simon Tang, Attorney
Augustine w, Chang, Business
herman kwan, accountant
Cary Y. Yang, Engineering Professor
Danny Li, Software Engineer
willie Leng, retired
Peter Chee-Jam Pau, retired engineer
Chessy Si, Engineer
Sharon Lin, Retired Librarian
Eric Huang, Engineering Director
Monica Jou, government worker
Dr. Robert S. Bauer, CTO
Suzanne Schmidt, student
Karen Lucas, Physician
Paul Shi, retired
Weiqun Kan, Software Engineer
Chemien Lo, fulltime parent
Howard Yao, Teacher
Alexander Chiang, software engineer
Julie Wang, Office Manager
Nancy Lin, Engineer
Truong Huynh, Physician
Cary Chow, Engineer
josie chen, R. E. Sales
Steven Phung, Engineer
Lan Sun, Accountant
Alice Truong Bias, retired teacher
Sarah Cha, Program Manager
Minsheng Yang, Musician
CJ Feng, MD
mary lo, retired
linda steadman, housewife
roy steadman, rep
Doris E. Quinn, retired
ponie steadman, student
Doris Quinn, retired
James Lee, Engineer
Ming Wang, Eninggering
Lee Yang, Physician
Tonhi On, usps
Jacky Louie, grad student
Catherine Luk, retired
Samuel Luk, retired
Lei Z, teacher
Jung Lin, engineer
Ha To Ly, technician
Kuei Hsing Lee, ceo
William Siegmann, Professor
Peter M. Yu, retired banker
yousong tao, retired engineer
tehning hsih, retired
Fumao Luo, retired engineer
Huanlin Zhu, Retired manager
Xinyue Ding, Retired HR manager
Susan-suk C Koo, Child Support Officer
Eva Wu, homemaker
chun yi lee, bank
Ray Chang, construction
Theresa Yu, Corporate Professional
tzu huey chiu, retired
Yue Ma, Engineering Manager
Howard S. Wang, Higher Education Administrator
Ryan Yip, Marketing Consultant
Haolan Qin, software engineer
Chau-Hong Kuo, Scientist
Ann Freeman, teacher
Ya-May Amy Hsu, analyst
Eliza Noh, Professor
Ning Chai, Student
James Guo, Journalist
May Lee, Engineer
Ben Lai, business
Gracie Wu, homemaker
Peter Ung, Student
Thomas Fujita-Rony, Professor
Natalie Kha, Student
Carolina Ojeda Kimbrough, Lecturer
Iku Kiriyama, retired educator
Lesley Shaw, Consultant
Richard Zhou, Engineer
Adam Xu, IT Consultant
Diana Lee, Pharmacist
Dan Chang, Ph.D., Engineer
Jane Wang, housewife
Lina Yu, retired
Christian Chan, Student
Manie Chen, retired mathematical Statisticia
Jennifer Zhang, Chemist
Jacqueline Liu, student
Mimie Hu, retired
Cathy Chang, retired
Deborah F. Ching, nonprofit consultant
Mark M. Mayeda, nonprofit administrator
Joy Petway, Non Profit Volunteer
Lynn Chiapella, Retired
ping wang, scientist
Asdnabc, ULiAjklCQIpawffQf
Shuai-Hua Chen, CPA
Imelda Bambang, CPA
Stephanie Pau, graduate student
Peter Hsieh, Attorney
David Burr, retired
Diane Liang, student
Zhu, Liyao, public school teacher
Liang-Chi Chen, Engineer
Tingxia Sun, Accountant
Sandy Zhang, dental assistant
Wen-Kai,Chuang, student
Marvin C. y. Lee, retired scientist
Qiao Wu, housekeeper
Elaine Zhong, Student
Charles Capwell, retired
Isabel Wong, professor
Julia Euston, Retired
Vicky Ho, retired
Ronald J. Domingo, Businessman
Pak H. Ko, Retired
Natalie Chung, entertainment
Rona Figueroa, student
Cindy Cheung, actress
Mia Iwatate Tagano, teacher
Roy Anthony Flores, Actor
Linda Chuan, Director - Global Sourcing
Stephanie Chang, Student
Alvin Huie, Retired
arthur l huey, retired
Robert S. Craig, retired
Lisa Pau, Attorney
Gray Tang, engineer
John W. Pan, Engineer
mary smith, Finance analyst
Eric Ku, Consultant
Stanley Ng, IT
Eric Wong, attorney
Tenny Tsai, broker
stephanie fan, retired
Bruce Wong, Retired
Elizabeth Tsai, management
Judith Bradbury, Proposal Manager
Kevin So, Musician
Pei Chun Chin, Acupuncturist
Kimio Kanaya, retired civil eng.
Judie Lu, accounting
Maria Alice Pan, performing arts student
Irene J. Wong, RN
David L. Fung, Business Executive
KT Wu, engineer
Carlton E. Curry, Councilman
Lydia Tanji, Costume Designer
Norb Kumagai, Governmental Consultant
John G. Vigna, Legislative Aide
Lotus Yee Fong, Caregiver
frank c wong, licensed pharmacist
zhongrui yan, RN
zhongrui yan, RN
Xiaobo Peng, Assistant Professor
chi loek, real estate
Donald La, Software developer
Gorety Geiger, Finance
robert huang, bussiness man
Fengchi Chen, Retired chemist
Shao Lin Chen,, Retired Biochemist
Leona Chen, MD, Surgeon
Emily Eng, student
Andrew Eng, student
Steven Shu, Physician
Eugenia Lai, acupuncturist
Junfeng Song, Engineer
Sheng Sheng Chen, retired
Mabel Li, tax accountant
Caecilia Huang, biochemist retired
Kaian Wang, company executive
Gigi Zhu, doctor
Susan Koh, administrative secretary
Ming H. Wang, retired architect
Elizabeth Wang, Real estate services
Dautchuen Voo, Retired Chemical Engineer
Elsie Tai, Consultant
Emily Ling Sy, Paralegal
Kaede Voo, APAC pharmaceutical, LLC
Liming Voo, Professor
Pearl Ling, Publishing
Chou-Zen Giam, professor
Reen Wu, Professor
Jun Liu, Professor
Ming K. Jeang, Physician
James Seol, actor
Hsing-Jien Kung, Professor
Xinhua Feng, Professor
Xia, Professor
Yun Qiu, professor
Hegang Chen, professor
James Ou, Professor
xuemin xu, professor
Shao-Chun Wang, scientist
Lung-Ji Chang, Professor
Yang Liu, Professor
Man-Sun Sy, professor
Shirley Wu Zanger, retired school administrator
Jennifer Wang, physician
Augustine Huang, Engineer
Rubin Wang, System Analyst
Ming-Fong Lin, Professor
alex ng, social worker
Johnny Gau, Computer
Brian Louie, Public Information Officer
Jerry Chu, Retired Engineer
Christine Bacareza Balance, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow
Tzung K Hsiai, Cardiologist and Professor
Tennie Griffin, Analyst
Elizabeth Wong, retired
Han S. Wong, retired
peter wong, engineer
SU HAO LO, professor
Ginney Trinh, Accountant
Kenney Li, Merchant
Chizuko Omori, freelance journalist
Ting-Ting Wu, Researcher
Yun-Fai Chris Lau, POrofessor
Xuemei Chen, professor
mary m harris, retired
Jian-Kang Zhu, Professor
Siquan Sun, Ph.D., Biologist
Jun Liu, Professor
Louis Lai, programmer
Tina Li, Physician
Ping Gan, Engineer
Liyan Lu, Acupuncturist
Yanni Wang, Software Engineer
Albert Chan, self-employed
Dan X. Cai, MD, PhD, Physician
Ming Ming Voo, IT manager, retired
Zhenfen Zhao, Scientist
Gongping Liu, Scientist
Douglas Harris, professor
kong hsung Tsing, Engineer
Johnny Inthachack, Self-Employed
Patrick Ting, chemist
Song Bi, Engineer
Eve Y. Ting, biochemist
Sara Li, Lab Manager
Raymond Watt, Retired Engineer
Trina Chen, Finance
Peter Chow, Engineer
Charles Wood, Scientist
Janis B. Voo, Retired Educator
Grace Meng, Post Office Clerk
Chun C. Chan, physician retire
Wing P. Chan, House wife
Tiao J. Chang, Professor
David Lao, Physician
Peter Tam, Insurance Claims
edward m. lai, attorney
seng taing, licensed pharmacist
Peter Tsai, store manager
Karen Ngo, Project Manager
Tse Chung Lee, physician
Yuan Fang Yang, housewife
Yue Ren Wu, Artist
Shirley Heng Hui Nieh, Mortgage Consultant
George Heng I Nieh, restaurant owner
Larry Tsai, Manager
Linda Huang, Consultant
Jin Yeoh, Retired
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Sooi Peau Chong, Retired Enmgineer
Ejaz Haroon, Actuary
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Tennyson Lee, Engineer
Raymond Z Li, Businessman
Robert Erh-yi Liu, retired
Chungchi Che, Retired Transit Official
Meb Bolin, Professor, Ret.
Xin Kang, Doctor
Sara Hser, counseling
Diana Shih Jung, educator
Wing Lee Jung, property manager
YOWEI LIU, Education
Alfred Yim, Engineer
Clara Wu, Nurse
james tong, worker
jimmy zhang, nurse
steven chang, orther
Joseph Zhou, Engineer
YK Lee, teacher
Kertnie Lee, Web Developer
Dr. Kenneth Kung, Engineer
Mary Ann Hayase, RN
Nicole Chan, Student
Marc Maxkintosh, Special Agent
Joyce Sohn, google
Gloria Y. Westland, Architect
Lucheng Mailloux, Banker
Donald Mailloux, Retired
Eric Jue, Computer Programmer
Sara Ramirez, Healthcare Liaison
Benson A. Wong, entrepreneur and Irate Citizen
Clifford C. Lawrence, Retired Electrician
Grace Yan, doctoral student
Nick Watanabe, Student
Helen Qiao, assistant professor
Darcy Paul, Attorney
Jon W. Yee, Design Consultant
Edgar Pearlstein, Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Kate Oatis, web content manager
Danny Austin McRight, retired minister
Betty Tsang, Professor
Carol Zhong, Student
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Matt Dorsey, Communications Dir.
Eric Ng, Student
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Val Jue, IT Consultant
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Chungho Lu, Engineer
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Joe Choy, Engineer
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Zhen Hoa Zoah, Full Time Student
Jesus Torres, Crack Dealer Esse
Mark vic viloria, student
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Harm Otten, PhD student
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Ritazhou, China
yuanming mao, programer
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Vung Kwan Chun, Author
hellen, IT
karl martin, IT Analyst
Melissa Marie Bracken, Manager
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Roger Koo, Trader
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Han Zhang, Student
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Bob, retired govt employee
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Quanyi Do, student
Eugene Henton, Nurse
Xin Liu, student
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Tina Wang, Student
Phung Su, student
Elise Choi, Student
Dr. C. P. Cheung, Principal
Michael S Goodman, retired
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George Edison Wanfried, Student
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Jim Nelson, Consulting
Rob Miller, Manager
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richard b. williams, graduate stanford university con
Thi Ho, Student
Mae Materne, Flight Attendant
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elunny, Arts, entertainment, publishing
AlammaPaund, Arts, entertainment, publishing
Liat, Arts, entertainment, publishing
ziguoub, Arts, entertainment, publishing
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Agehoornenep, Arts, entertainment, publishing
Agehoornenep, Arts, entertainment, publishing
Abseham, Arts, entertainment, publishing
Frielve, Arts, entertainment, publishing
Agehoornenep, Arts, entertainment, publishing
Abseham, Arts, entertainment, publishing
Frielve, Arts, entertainment, publishing
Frielve, Arts, entertainment, publishing
Frielve, Arts, entertainment, publishing
Agehoornenep, Arts, entertainment, publishing
Abseham, Arts, entertainment, publishing
Abseham, Arts, entertainment, publishing
Abseham, Arts, entertainment, publishing
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Josephsr, Banking, mortgage
adelegw11, Dont worry about it
Buckmaster, OE
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AalkapNuals, Lover AND fighter
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stramentovsat, Финансовый директор
AZerorgo, Exec. Asst
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piremowawep, грузчики Новосибирск
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Loriclate95, Intern with Mozilla.
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ScottyBuh, Relations
412, 770
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atdobfk56y, Human
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mxzaqpot, Vice-Superviseur
tuposwmv, senior Consultant
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Robertsab, Human
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irritswes, Accounting, finance
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Southern, JO
Andrewpa, Consulting
mnmibcv14x, Human
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WarezFek, Legal
MaymnLaremark, discipline
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vvdculgza, Victims of social
wxgtyfgvx, Rural society
LillianrortMync, nurse
StephenHon, Media
xxxfirstnameyyy xxxlastnameyyy, Informatic
RobertMr, Non-Profit, volunteer
fgceliaOa, Pharmaceutical, biotech
MarcusNele, Hospitality, travel
ErnestOi, Estate
Jeffreyfart, Law
Dutgat, ÿþA
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Herberttof, Realty Estate
CarlosKr, Glarkeroppeva
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Merlizes, ШЗбИ ЛЗбЛ ЛЗджн
DonaldDum, Marketing
Andrewpa, Newspaper
Michaelon, Customer
uokpkuvcrb, 113TH ST NW WASHINGTON
Eelldytinka, Turism
dumnfano, forex trading
Angonskykr, Advertising, public
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spuuwmylch15, Seo
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Michaelon, Customer
garemofafem52, Заказ визиток Кронштадт
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acrobaffoni92, Technology
ArmandoSl, Newspaper
ArmandoSl, Marketing
xxxfirstnameyyy xxxlastnameyyy, Informatic
Brandonst, Legal
xxxfirstnameyyy xxxlastnameyyy, Informatic
plherlpm, Vice-Manager
Jeffreypr, Machinist
RichardEl, Care
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tixvetwldq4Z, Sports
kdsiszl|ellamcc, Art
uokpymtfff, 110TH AVE S KIRKLAND
StuartPl, Construction, facilities
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0s60lbl8bf, klassische Musik
DennisEa, Law
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hufootborl, Directeur
MarcelaRips, Юридический бизнес
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girlybicons, Human
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Jeffreyei, Retail
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MichaelTew, Legal
Jeffreyfart, Lawyer
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plalcherbyf, 2111 NE 25th Avenue
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CharlesBes, Management
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EdwardGal, Care
ronaldot, Clerical, administrative
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Robertwes, Locksmith
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ojgzaooup, Transportation, logistics
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claykherv49, Proof-reader
huepuwxva, Relations
Jeffreyfart, Janitor
Jeffreyfart, Landscaper
AAtrolodrada, National grid
pletcherclj, computer
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Fredericka Silvers, OG
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maftemberty, Health
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RMTBladesoudot, 嗀
CharlesBus, Internet, new
uokpuituhe, 301 13th Street Atlanta
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sunfhk, Media
BernardTup, Education, training
carrolshotwellug7, Securities Custody Clerk
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irritswes, Accounting, finance
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Phouzjll02, Real
FrancisKi, Real
Dualmorummogs, Human
Michaeldiot, Human
sficiukadq, bYqnBObZSZX
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abdebunob, building
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KenethCes, Care
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Smcl, Computer
MiguelHob, Relations
MiguelHob, Relations
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SamuelPap, 嗀
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joyhancj, Government
lopcoimdtei, Health
shanqqpd, Training
Jeffreyor, Newspaper
azizOa, Windows, Apple
Danielduew, Enforcement, security
Staceysode, Care
Nixchtfu11, Real
Gornabov, Movie
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Patrickbrar, Sales
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Cardelik, Sommeliere
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AndrewSl, Accounting, finance
JosephPt, Building
Virzolix, Inside sales
Athetuify, Accounting Officer
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abdebuxov, bank
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WilliamDype, Relations
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Mandyswd, astronaut
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Georgereva, Translation Checker
Marionpi, Construction, facilities
Suttontmv, writer
yanguquc, Technology
Lowellsl, Media
WilliamDype, Relations
etlyxxrmiwhq, Legislation
AerapeGeamn, Animation Designer
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Rafaelmah, Marketing
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Heyward, PX
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StanleyMa, Resources
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StanleyEr, Health
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Williamtuse, Restaurant, food
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DonaldNave, Government
GeorgeMl, Pharmaceutical, biotech
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EdwardSeax, Line Supervisor
Michaelgok, Service
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carletonOa, Education, training
RogelioEn, Look at my name.
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pleryrozr, Seller Representative
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Williamer, Management
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WilliamPele, Human
Carinaezv, Informatic
pleryrocb, Market Analyst
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Richagsyy, ÿþA
yaaicmxuku, Management
Lasdumor, Owned by a LFS
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ruwyjlvto, Relations
Robertopof, Technology
HectorIK, Restaurant, food
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Michaelon, Customer
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plergrovn, Secretarial Assistant
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TravisFab, Restaurant, food
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VirgilTuh, Restraunt Whore
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Darcy Bounds, PE
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Craig Zhang, HL
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Genevieve Wagner, IW
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Rocco Granados, NQ
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lakeishakh60, Sweet stealer
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Wen Ho Lee, retired
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Josephmype, Accounting, finance
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